How do I redeem my Alo Gift Box/ Retail Gift Card

In order to redeem these offers, you will have to goto a special redemption page to redeem annual membership here:

If you received a 30 day free trial with your purchase, you will first have to redeem your trial through this special landing page with the code you received in your email here (only valid for new users who don't currently have, or have never redeemed a free trial through Alo Moves):

Once you sign up for your free trial (if this applies to your order), then you can head to the "redeem" membership page listed above to activate your annual membership. Once your 30 day free trial ends, your annual membership will automatically be added to the end of this trial, and last a year from this date.

Multiple codes cannot be added at the same time- if you have purchased multiple gift cards or boxes, you will have to wait for your free trial period to be over (if you have a free trial period) to apply your second offer through the first link listed on this page. If you do not have a free trial period, then you can apply your second code immediately afterwards by repeating the same process, and an additional year will be added after your first year is over.

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