How do I redeem my Alo Yoga Membership purchase if I already have an active iOS membership?

Having trouble redeeming your Alo Yoga Membership purchase? No worries- this means that you are currently subscribed to an in app membership! Here are the steps you can take to redeem this offer:

First off, go ahead and cancel your iOS membership using this link so that you are not charged monthly payments while your annual membership is active:

If a refund is needed, you can request one through iTunes here:

Once you cancel your membership via iTunes, you will need to kill and re-open your mobile app so that your cancellation syncs. Be sure to complete this step before signing up or our system will still read that your iOS membership is still active.

When this is completed, you can then head to this special landing page on our website (not mobile apps) to redeem your annual offer through Alo Yoga here:

Be sure to use the code you were sent in the email to redeem your year with on the special landing page above! Your annual membership time will be added to the end of your current billing cycle, and your annual membership will begin on that date.

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