How do I access my account using AppleTV?

Is it possible to access my membership on an Apple TV? Most definitely! Our Apple TV app will support your practice regardless of if you have purchased any classes or series with us in the past, or if you have an active membership. To figure out if you have an Alo Moves account on Apple TV, follow these steps: 

1. If you are an existing user, you can select the "Log in" option and sign in using your current account information. If you have never created an account with Alo Moves, you can do so by clicking "Sign up."

2. Once you are able to login to your account, you'll be directed to the "Class Finder" page, where you can find the perfect class to suit your practice in a matter of seconds! You can filter classes by Duration, Instructor, Style of workout, Difficulty, and/or Intensity. Select the filters that best fit your needs, and search away.

3. If you would like to browse by series instead of classes, you can scroll to the tab just to the right of "Classes" labeled "Series." Here you will find a library of all of the series we offer on Alo Moves. As you scroll down the list, you can choose any style of series we offer, which include vinyasa, strength, flexibility, yoga fusion, etc.. Scroll down to the style of workout of your choice and browse all of the content we have within that specific section.

4. Whether yo've found a class through "Classes" or a series through the "Series" tab, you can click on that individual class/series, to begin practicing. If you would like to save that class or entire series, you can click the "Save to My Practice" button at the top of the page. Every individual class or class from a specific series will then be save to your "My Practice" tab.

5. If you only want to save one class in the series, you can select the individual class in the list, and click the "Save to My Practice" button. This will save the individual class, and will not save the entire series to your Practice.

6. Once you have all of your favorites saved, you can scroll over to the third tab titled "My Practice." Here you will be able to view all of your saved classes and series in one quick and convenient place. When you save classes and/or series via your Apple TV, it will sync up to your account across our website and apps as well. 

Your videos will be filtered to the "Classes" or "Series" tab in your Practice, depending on what type of workout you saved (series vs class).

7. After you have your favorites saved, Practice away!

If you have purchased any a la carte series' with us in the past, and cannot find them in your account, then log out and click the "Restore iTunes Purchases" button on the signed out home screen. This button will sync your Alo Moves account with any purchases made while you were logged out of your Apple TV app purchases. You can now access all of your purchases on our website or mobile apps, whenever, and wherever, you wish!

If you need further assistance, send us and email and we will be with you shortly!

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