How do I filter classes on Alo Moves?

Finding the perfect class is easy with Alo Moves! With our  Class Finder filter, you can filter classes by length, duration, instructor, difficulty, intensity, and style! This filter is available in our mobile apps, and on our website. To get our free app, head to Apple's  App Store, or GooglePlays Play Store and search for "Alo Moves" - download away!

To filter on our website:

1. Head to the  Classes tab at the top of any webpage

2. Select the filter(s) you would like to search by, by clicking any of the drop down arrows below. You can choose to sort your classes using as many or as few filtering options as you would like.

 3. Find the perfect class to fit your practice, and start sweating!

To filter on your iOS or Android app:

1. Click on the Classes tab right next to the home button. The Classes screen will populate with our most recent classes and you will see a black "Filter" button at the bottom of the screen. Go ahead and click this to find the filtering options, select your filters, click apply, and you will be able to check out all of our classes included under those specific filters results.

2. You can also sort further by clicking on the "sort by" drop down menu below the filters. This will allow you to see classes by most relevant, most popular, newest, or alphabetical order!

3. Find the perfect class in no time!

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