How do I download my workouts to my iOS or Android device?

You can use our free iOS or Android app to download full series and classes onto your mobile devices for offline access. To get our free app, head to Apple's  App Store, or Google's GooglePlay Store and search for "Alo Moves" - download away! 

Keep in mind that you will need internet access to download your series and classes onto your mobile app, but no internet connection will be needed after your downloads are successful.

At this time, the downloading feature is available  only on our mobile app and is not available on our website; desktop and laptop computers will require internet connection to watch our videos. 

To download your workouts:

1. Open your iOS or Android app and log into your Alo Moves account. If this is the first time you are opening the app, the screen will prompt you to enter your account information. Go ahead and log in with the same account information you use on

2. After you have logged in, click the "My Practice" button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

*Note that in order to download series' or class to your mobile device, they must be saved to your Practice before hand. If they are not saved to your Practice, the download arrow  will not appear on the side of your series or class pages.

3. Once in your Practice, you will see all of your saved series and classes; your screen will look similar to the below image. Next, tap the series or class you would like to download to your device. You will be redirected to the series or class page.

4. Look for the "Overview / Classes / Community" heading just below the series cover photo. Below this heading, you will see a gray "Download for Offline Access" banner. Click this banner to download the entire series to your device!

5. To download a class (instead of an entire series), tap the individual workout in the series (or in your classes tab) you would like to download. Once you are on the workout's page, you will see a small gray arrow next to the workout title; this arrow is shown on the below image. Tap the arrow to download!

6.  By default, your saved workouts will download to your iOS and Android apps only when you are on Wi-Fi. If you would like to change this setting to also use cellular data to download your workouts, head to your "Downloads" in the notification bar to the left of the screen to view all of your downloaded series and classes.

7. Next, tap "Settings", located in the top right corner of the "Downloads" page.

8. On the "Download Settings" screen, you will see two options on how to allow downloads: Wi-Fi Only, and Wi-fi and Cellular. The default selection will be Wifi-Only. Tap "Wi-Fi and Cellular" to allow your phone to download your series and classes using cellular data.

Still having trouble? Send us an email  here and we will be right with you.

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