We have a new name! What's changed?

Cody is now Alo Moves! We have come a long way since our days as a 3 person team, and have been given the opportunity with Alo Yoga to expand and offer the best quality yoga videos out there.

Thank you for your continuous support as we have grown and expanded our company over the years. We have a new name, but the heart of what we do stays the same - to move mindfully, educate & inspire, and create community. Our members will always be our number one priority, and we are excited to be able to continue to serve you and your practice so we can grow together as we continue to shoot for the stars :)

You will notice that our website and iOS mobile app have a new look, but everything we offer still stays the same! 

Questions you may have:

1) Does my membership stay the same? If you have an active membership with us, you will still receive unlimited access to every bundle, series, and class we offer online and in app. Your billing date and payment amount will remain the same.

2) What happens to my previously purchased series (previously called plans)? If you purchased bundles, series, or classes with us a la carte, before 2018, you will still have lifetime access to all of those purchases! Our buy once, keep forever guarantee never changes.

3) Can I still access my favorite product features? All of the web features you know and love are the same! Your "My Practice" page will still have all of your saved video content. Our Class Finder, Difficulty & Intensity filter, and Community tab features are also still here to make your practice as accessible as possible! 

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